Professor Chris Brummer

Chris Brummer is the law research professor at Agnes Williams and the Georgetown Institute faculty director. The International Economic law institute was initiated by John Jackson, and it is among the leading center in the world for worldwide economy and law study. In addition, the Institute of International Economic Law operates as the regulatory, professional, and school activity hub at the University of Georgetown. Current research by professor Brummer focuses on financial technology applications across security infrastructure and derivatives and their financial regulatory policy applications.


Before Chris Brummer joined the faculty of Georgetown in 2009 with tenure, he was the LLP attorney which he joined after he graduated from the law school of Columbia with honors. In Georgetown, Chris Brummer worked in a London firm and the offices of New York on banking transactions and securities that spanned publishing, telecommunications, and the sectors of aerospace. Professor Chris Brummer joined the law school of Vanderbilt in 2006, where he taught worldwide business transactions and security regulations. When the financial crisis arose in 2008, Chris Brummer worked at the international affairs office as the exchange commission and securities academic fellow. His work mainly focused on the regulatory coordination of cross-border regulations.


After Chris went back to the institute, he worked on giving an overview of academics and attorneys interested in the transformation to worldwide governance during the crisis. Professor Chris Brummer’s book, The Global Financial System and Soft Law described how current institutions and organizations set the cross-border finance rules. In addition, Professor Chris Brummer showed how these rules could be coercive. Also, Chris began to work with various think tanks on International governance, financial stability, and entrepreneurial activity issues. Additionally, at the Milken Institute offices in Washington, DC, Chris Brummer expanded his interest portfolio, to engage in startups for capital formation.