Tenant Selection at the Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino representation firm is a law firm that specializes in IP, securities, antitrust and complex litigation. For more than ten years, the firm has helped clients across the United States with their intellectual property needs. At the representation firm, we take care of our employees first. We believe in company culture and growth by offering competitive salaries and benefits and providing an opportunity for growth within the firm with mentoring programs. 


We also offer competitive pay and relocation assistance to those who want to work at significant law firms. Still, We can’t afford to relocate from any part of America or abroad.


  1. Tenant Representation


Hughes Marino has transformed the tenant representation industry by reducing tenant representation legal services to a level at which they can be more affordable. Now landlords and tenants can find affordable models from the onset of the leasing process, including every step along the way.


  1. Portfolio Lease Administration/Advisory


Tenant Representation at Hughes Marino


Hughes Marino provides complete administration and advisory services for portfolio lease agreements in which our clients are interested. We can take responsibility for almost all duties, including preparation of the master lease, lease documents approval, tenant application approval, and tenant selection.


  1. Lease Restructuring


Hughes Marino represents landlords and tenants in negotiating lease restructuring agreements. We can assist our clients in identifying options that can be incorporated into the master and sublease contracts, including identifying the appropriate financial incentives and concessions necessary to make the restructuring viable.

Hughes Marino’s representation firm is well known for its expertise in representing tenants, including disputes in residence halls, on-campus dormitories, hotels, and mixed-use properties. He provides sale-leaseback transactions brokerage services to our clients. The firm is well known for its expertise in Residence Hall Representation. We specialize in representing students and their parents in matters of student housing.