Jason Hope: The impact of social networking on business

Activist investor Jason Hope is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a digital strategist. He has studied the social networking market extensively and is keen to understand how this is evolving as time progresses. In this article, he provides some eye-opening predictions about social networking sites that are already here!


  1. Businesses growing due to the aspect of social networking:

Jason Hope suggests that more and more businesses will grow through social networking sites. This is borne out of the fact that it is a very inexpensive marketing tool, even as large corporations join the bandwagon. The article reiterates that as more and more people get into social networking, businesses can easily reach out to them. The accessibility and affordability of social networking sites have made it possible for companies to make communication as effortless as possible.


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  1. Social Networking Sites becoming a source of entertainment and information:

Jason Hope also says that as social networking grows, people will begin to turn to them as a source of entertainment and information. This means that more and more users, or better said, future clients, will visit these sites even if they are already aware of the information contained in them. He suggests that users may tolerate sponsored ads, but they will be keen on reading relevant content. In other words, people will read advertisements that contain useful or entertaining information.


  1. Mobile devices becoming common:

Activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope suggests that mobile devices will become very common in the near future. This will result in people being connected to social networking sites at home and as they travel. As people become increasingly reliant on their mobile phones, it will only be natural that they use social networking sites through these. In summary, Jason Hope believes that social networking sites have a promising future, borne out of what is happening on the Internet. He believes that the future of social networking sites will revolve around mobile devices and that more and more users will use them for entertainment and information.