Marwan Kheireddine

Marwan Kheireddine is the Chairman & General Manager of Al Mawarid Bank, where he has held these titles since 2002. Marwan Kheireddine started his career in finance in the early 1990s when he graduated from business school in London. He is also the managing director of Al Mawarid Capital Company. He has built up a group of companies that provide financial services and benefits projects for the poor since the late 1990s. Marwan Kheireddine is also a founding team member at Acreage Holdings LLC.

  1. Marwan-kheireddine discusses why olive oil could be Lebanon’s next significant export.

“Lebanon is becoming known as the olive oil capital of the world,” said Marwan Kheireddine, CEO and founder of Al Mawarid Bank, in an interview with CNBC. The bank has dedicated a $5 million fund to help develop and export olive oil products that can be sold to the international market. There is an excellent potential for olive-oil exports and to convert Lebanon into a significant olive oil exporter, according to Marwan Kheireddine.

  1. Investments in Palestine to help alleviate poverty.

Investment in Palestine “can bring in $1 billion to Lebanon per year and help push back the high unemployment rate of 25 percent,” said Marwan Kheireddine, CEO and founder of Al Mawarid Bank. Al Mawarid Bank has launched a $5 million investment fund that will help support projects in Palestine, including establishing university research centers, creating jobs, developing vocational courses, and repairing roads.

  1. Philanthropy

Marwan Kheireddine is the founder of several non-profit organizations in Lebanon. He founded the Arab Business Development Group in 1996, which has helped thousands of Lebanese families by creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life for low-income families. Marwan Kheireddine also founded Daanood, providing educational opportunities to underprivileged students and giving them scholarships to continue their university studies.

Marwan Kheireddine is an example of a Lebanese entrepreneur who has impacted the Lebanese economy. Marwan Kheireddine is not just a start-up executive but also an experienced businessman who has made his mark on the economy. Marwan Kheireddine is one of the most notable figures in Lebanon who successfully runs and manages his banking operations to develop the Lebanese economy further. This can be seen through Marwan Kheireddine’s charitable activities and investments in Palestine, which will significantly benefit them both economically and socially. Read more about Marwan Kheireddine