Commercial Realty Company, Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino is a commercial tenant representation company with zero conflict of interest. The company specializes in assisting tenant representation companies in developing solutions to solve tenant representation needs. Read on to learn more about Hughes Marino’s commercial realty company.


The spontaneous growth of Hughes Marino has been inevitable for many years. The group manages commercial tenant representation projects and sale-leaseback transactions ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 2 million square feet in every corner of the United States. The company has won many awards and has an award-winning culture.


Hughes Marino has grown from a local business to a sophisticated public company. Commercial reality has taken pride in protecting business owners, nonprofits, and many other types of businesses. Hughes Marino provides advisory services companies with solutions to help put your experience into working for everybody.


Hughes Marino’s team of professionals knows how to negotiate commercial leases, and upon a time, they understand how they could restructure them. The company has operated with many clients. Among the company’s many achievements is the provision of advisory services (Connect).

They advise on how to carry out lease workouts and subleases during the financial crisis and the 2008 Mortgage crisis. If you are a tenant looking for a restructuring proposal to present to your landlord, the representation firm puts your interest at the forefront. Within the years of our operation, ourĀ  Hughes Marino company has been of assistance in helping companies to restructure their leases. The company is committed to assisting the tenants to remain viable regardless of the times.