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Management of Roosevelt Island by Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation under the Leadership of Altheria Jackson

The State Legislature of New York established Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation in 1984. The public welfare corporation is responsible for operating and maintaining Roosevelt Island. The corporation relentlessly offers environmentally-friendly, innovative, and secure services to residents and tourists.

Altheria Jackson, with his team, supervises the activities of the public transit, aerial tramway, roads, sports centers, buildings, and parks on Roosevelt Island. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Community Safety Team, offers security services. It competently safeguards the facility, ensuring security for tourists, residents, entrepreneurs, and workers.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation objectively collaborates with relevant entities and authorities to optimize the delivery of value-adding maintenance and development services. All management and growth operations align with the corporate policies and enabling laws. Additionally, they follow relevant local, federal, and national regulations alongside contractual commitment and general development strategy.

Services offered by the corporation include but are not limited to recreation, public transit, parks, public works, and community safety. Other core services involve enhancing and conserving historical monuments, buildings, and open areas. Part of its community services is building and cementing partnerships with nonprofit agencies, institutions, and businesses within private and public settings.

One of its core initiatives was enlightening and educating the public about safety, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are fully committed to educating the public on effective ways to prevent infections while encouraging using floor decals, limiting Tram passengers, and wearing masks. Similarly, they have implemented social distancing procedures in various spaces operated by the corporation.

Altheria Jackson is the corporation’s Assistant Vice President under the Programs and Operations department. His job involves assessing Tram Safety operations while ensuring all operations follow established safety precautions.

He works closely with the executive team to review, establish, and implement strategies in line with Governor’s directives. The safety and well-being of residents and employment have remained one of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s significant projects. As a public entity, the corporation benefits stakeholders by encouraging activities and projects with intent to boost the economic growth of the Island and the community.