Bhanu Choudhrie- Founder of Alpha Aviation Group

The Covid 19 pandemic presented a very challenging time for all businesses throughout the world. Globally, businesses faced overwhelming odds to even break even yet alone achieve a profit. This was certainly true for Bhanu Choudhrie of C&C Alpha Group.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the Chief Executive Officer for C&C Alpha Group and Director of one of its component companies Alpha Aviation Group. He believes that all successful business leaders must adapt to any new challenges and the Covid 19 lockdowns certainly qualified as one of the biggest challenges the world has faced. Because C&C Alpha group has at its core two major segments of the economy, aviation and hospitality they were met with major hurdles to climb during the pandemic. However, Bhanu Choudhrie also saw great opportunity as well.

Being a venture capitalist Choudhrie believes that long term partnerships are the best hedge against temporary setbacks. He maintained his company’s existing partnerships taking the long-term approach. This has paid off well for the company. Using this same philosophy Bhanu Choudhrie used these principles to advance Alpha Aviation Group of which he is a director. It is one of the leading providers worldwide for the training of airline pilots. It is also the only flight school in the nation of the Philippines that is accredited with the coveted ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Because of Bhanu Choudhrie’s vast experience in a variety of industries he has been able to select investments in the aviation field and he looks to the future for investments that will be successful. Choudhrie understands that as pilots age out of the system and retire there will be greater opportunities for his Alpha Aviation Group to train new pilots. This is a lucrative business for his company as more and more people turn to planes for transport and airlines expand.

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