Guidelines for a Hybrid office by Robert L. McKenna III

Robert L. McKenna III is a veteran attorney from Hawaii who has been practicing in his firm in Huntington Beach, California, since 1993.

When the pandemic hit, the job was still very active for his team, but safety guidelines demanded that remote work fill in for the office space until things changed for the better.

When restrictions started to ease, Robert L. McKenna III and his team realized many of their daily office activities were possible from home.

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Even though it was also obvious there was still a need for at least a light skeleton crew to keep office some tasks moving.

His firm has adopted a hybrid office system that does not require everybody in the same building every day; instead, they have split their schedule to fit at least two days a week of official duty and the rest from home.

Robert L. McKenna III believes that the hybrid office model works if the company has a clear inventory of which work is better suited for office time.

The rest is dispatched to the cloud for the employees to do from home.

Robert also noted that this model only works if employees have a productive workspace at home equipped with necessary supplies like internet and good chairs.

He believes that the company should be willing to assist employees in acquiring these resources; finally, he thinks a healthy boundary between work and personal life needs to be established, like dedicating a separate area at home for work.

Robert L. McKenna III also cautions against losing track of time when working remotely or demanding too much of employees just because they work remotely.

It is paramount that all staff members agree on which days to show up, and even more importantly, employees should be given the option to work in the office if they cannot find a conducive work area at home.

On the bright side, hybrid offices allow employees to have more free time and save on the daily cost of commuting to work.