The Journey of Edgard Corona into Becoming Fitness Expert

Edgard Corona is an entrepreneur who has been transforming the fitness sector in Latin America with his great ideas. Before he came into the business, many people avoided the gyms yet kept wishing they had better bodies. Nevertheless, Corona brought a new concept that attracted many since they didn’t need to work out all day.

Before becoming the CEO and founding partner of Smart Fit, Legend studied Chemical Engineering. This branch of science taught him how one item can change into another under the right conditions. While a teenager, he also got into the fashion industry, where he learned how to guarantee customer satisfaction. While some may see this as a waste of time since he didn’t pursue any of these fields, Corona found indispensable lessons from both.

A skiing accident in the 90s changed the life of Edgard Corona. He suffered severe damage that necessitated him to undergo physical therapy. However, during this season, Corona found a market gap and decided to create a better gym than what the industry offered at the time. In 1996, Bio Ritmo came into being as an academy for athletes to help them become faster. The facility focused on experience, not just making money from whoever walked through the doors.

Over time, the company grew, and Edgard Corona decided to expand his horizons. Since he wanted to capture the people who couldn’t afford the regular gym fees, he founded Smart Fit in 2008. He continually improved his business model to simplify it and accommodate more classes of people in Latin America. His approach to investment and management helped him open more branches without increasing the problems that come with such growth.

Thanks to his passion and humility, Edgard Corona has always found ways to incorporate ideas from other professionals from all fields. His excellent leadership skills help the company keep expanding its horizons and revolutionise the fitness world in Latin America.