A New Report Proves That Vaping Isn’t Any Better

For a while now, people have been of the opinion that vaping is the new and safe way to consume tobacco. The argument has been that you don’t consume actual smoke and the tar related with traditional cigarettes. While this might have been true to some extent, a recent report by the University of Rochester Medical Center proves otherwise.

According to the report published on Oncortarget, electronic cigarettes still have diverse side effects on your oral health and an array of other molecular and cellular lever effects. This is a great shocker to millennials who had been convinced that vaping is the repercussion free alternative to traditional smoking.

While the e-cig might be safer than the traditional cigarette, it doesn’t necessarily let you go Scot free. According to the research, you will still be exposed to the active ingredients contained in the tobacco and other active ingredients that can be in the vaping juice.

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E-cigarettes emit a couple of inflammatory proteins that will put stress on your body tissue. The effect begins on your mouth before going down your wind tunnel into the lungs. This still keeps the first and biggest problem of smoking – respiratory and oral infections.

According to Professor Irfan Rahman, a lecturer at the university and the head of the research, vapers will tend to experience more oral cavities and other periodontal conditions. The infection and effect of the vaping will vary depending on cigarette flavor and the concentration of active ingredients in the juice.

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