Can Amazon Improve the Medical Industry?

The medical industry has numerous opportunities for improvement. Not only are costs rising, but many customers cannot get quality care at an affordable price. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has invested in a healthcare company to solve the problem. Working with other business leaders, Bezos believes he can reduce costs and improve care.

Health insurance is a significant issue in the United States. Although most people have access to health coverage, the costs have more than doubled in the past few years. Most consumers do not have extra money to spend on health expenses each month.

Drew Madden is an experienced professional in the industry. He also has a background in information technology. As a business owner, he has years of experience working in the field.

Early Career

Drew attended college with the intention to work in information technology. He worked multiple jobs while he was in school to gain valuable experience. After graduation, he had several positions to choose from.

Drew worked at a large company for several years. He received an opportunity to work in the medical field, and he decided to take the opportunity. He quickly learned that the healthcare industry is not efficient. He decided to start a business in the industry to improve coverage for consumers.

Starting a Company

Drew did not realize how difficult starting a company can be. It took him several years before the company was profitable. However, he is proud of his work and wants to continue helping customers in the future. His company has excellent reviews from clients all over the country.

Drew uses technology to help predict future medical issues. He firmly believes that preventative medicine is the best way to improve results for customers. Anyone who wants to start a company should listen to his advice. He tells new business owners to conduct thorough research and to avoid debt.