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Gregory Aziz Makes A Wise Investment Decision

If looking for good opportunities to make an investment, it is always advisable to go for an investment that is low cost but has great potential for the future. This kind of investment will ensure that there is a high return on investment. Wise investors even in the stock market look for undervalued stocks and which have the potential to go up significantly….

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Stream Energy: Making Corporate Philanthropy Daily Business

Over the years corporate philanthropy has gotten a bad rap, as charitable business arms turn out to be nothing but smoking mirrors shielding revenue from taxation. But for one Dallas based business there is nothing phony about their love of lending a helping hand.

Stream Energy has been providing direct clean energy sales to the Dallas area for years,

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The Philanthropy And Career Successes of Dick DeVos

It’s been known for quite awhile that Dick and Betsy DeVos have given away a lot of money, but the extent of this giving hasn’t been known. In a recent interview, Dick revealed that so far they have given away about $139 million. He said that quite a bit of this money went to educational causes as well as arts and developing the next generation of leaders….

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