Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clayton Hutson is a very successful live sound engineer, FOH/Monitor engineer, and manager. He is exceedingly enthusiastic about what he does for a living. Over the past 20 years, Clayton Hutson has developed and evolved his business of being a production manager, to a higher level of determined success. Some of the words you would use to describe Clayton Hutson are that he is a perfectionist in everything that he does. Everything has to be perfect and safe. He is detailed oriented making him one of the best in his profession as a tour manager.

Over the years Clayton Hutson has worked in many different aspects of this industry such as lightning, audio, and driving the truck on the stripped-down tour. You could say he is a Jack of all trades and masters whatever hat he is wearing successfully. Sometimes Clayton finds himself working in the production office, marking the floor or you will find him in the back of the truck. Clayton Hutson is a go-getter who in spite of his success as a tour manager, he is a down-to-earth kind of person. Whatever challenges come his way, Clayton does not shy away from those challenges, he faces them head-on. Learn more:

You can learn a lot from Clayton Hutson as you watch him passionately work at his profession as a tour manager. It is a profession that he takes seriously but at the same time, he enjoys what he does. To be successful as a tour manager as Clayton Hudson is, it takes years of dedication and hard work. His company offers services such as production design, production management, show producer, stage management, and other services.

Clayton Hutson’s company caters to the client’s needs such as offering a solution that fits into their budget. The clients are pleasantly delighted and surprised at the cost when presented to them. When it comes to meeting the needs of their clients, or people who are shopping around for the services Hutson’s company offers, they do not have to look any further. The low prices and the amount and type of services needed are supplied by Clayton Hutson’s company.

As an event manager, Clayton Hutson had the support he needed when his country-tinged solo album Town Line was debut in March 2011. Hutson performed in an acoustic duo in the stripped-down tour stage. The event was sold-out as he headlined 700-seat casinos, honky-tonks, and churches. He performed on stage to 50,000-seat festival bills and arenas.