Doe Deere of Lime Crime Leads the Pack with New Trends

From toy-inspired eyeshadow palettes to hair dyes that will let you unleash your best and most mythical self, Doe Deere is at the forefront of the cutting-edge makeup world with Lime Crime and makes a concerted effort to interact with fans on social media.


Doe Deere is all about being unique and encouraging buyers to be themselves, which reflects in her products. She attributes the burst of glitter and individuality that young people adore to the rise of social media. Social media encourages young people to create their own trends, to wear makeup the way that they want to wear it and to not conform simply for the sake of it or because they feel that they have to, which are qualities that Lime Crime embodies. Deere believes that it’s great to be different and this reflects on her line of quirky and bold cosmetics.


The Pocket Candy Palettes, inspired by toys that were popular in the 90s and 00s, were huge on social media. And when you see the packaging, you can quickly see why. The packaging is fun, nostalgic, bright and appealing but it also contains highly pigmented, varied and whimsical colors. It’s available in three unique styles, which includes the glossy and romantic Sugar Plum, the bright and spritely Pink Lemonade and the cool and fanciful Bubblegum. Deere herself believes that packaging and the quality of her products are extremely important and that the toy inspiration of the Pocket Candy Palette make them both nostalgic and beautiful in a quirky way.


In addition to creating toy-inspired cosmetics, Lime Crime also released a line of hair dyes. Deere believes that hair dyes fit right in with the brand’s focus on self-expression and noted that many girls are dying their hair unique and fluorescent colors. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is all about being unique and fluorescent. When you take a peek at their shades, you’ll see colors that look like they came straight out of an anime like Bubblegum Rose, which is a rose pink that’s quite vibrant. You’ll also find deep, edgy shades like Squid Ink, which is a color that resembles its name but has a modern aesthetic.


Deere appreciates the reactions and feedback that Lime Crime gets from social media. Namely, on Instagram. She loves to tease new products to excite fans of the cult favorite brand, which also helps the actual launch become successful. She tries to take into account feedback from fans, incorporating their wishes into Lime Crime’s future product ideas.


Overall, Lime Crime is ahead of the crowd in terms of boldness, inspiring uniqueness and using social media to its fullest extent to interact with buyers. Learn more: