Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg Closes the Gap in Women’s Sports Wear

Pressing needs and concerns of filling the gap in women’s active wear motivated Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to respond to these needs. In order to come to an effective solution to this issue, owners of TechStyle Fashion Group, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to join forces with high-end consumer personalities such as Kate Hudson. By joining forces, they would better understand the psychology of contemporary women’s shopping experience for active wear clothing. Read more: Video: JustFab’s CEO on what it’s like to be a unicorn | VatorNews

Without taking away that special bond between women and fashion, Kate Hudson’s passion was to help women stay physically active, and healthy. Her ultimate goal was to supply women with attractive, well-fitting, inexpensive athletic clothing for their workout routines.

Joined by Kate Hudson, owners of TechStyle Fashion Group and co-founders of Fabletics, Goldenberg, and Ressler responded to the cry of women worldwide by bringing a surplus of data-driven value to the feminine gender active wear industry.

Fabletics solid foundation is based on the success of TechStyle Fashion Group, Kate Hudson’s vibrant social media presence, her consumer focused brand identity, plus her in-depth understanding of the psychology of a woman when selecting athletic wear.

Fabletics now competes with large companies because they keep learning and changing their approach as to stay in synch with the data generated from the growing consumer base. In fact, Fabletics extends the brand coverage to plus size women.

Kate Hudson’s ideology of the modern woman stands firm. She still believes that women should stay healthy, fit, and physically active regardless of their size shape or color preference. Fabletics shares Kate Hudson’s commendable personal ideology and her passion to refine workout clothing for all women.

Fabletics goal is to attain high-end quality clothing and sell them at an affordable price. Consumers say Fabletics brand quality is better than the more expensive options in other markets. Consumer data makes it possible to provide reliable raw materials for a competitive clothing brand.

By asking new members to complete short surveys, Fabletics discover active women demands or preferences. Furthermore, exciting media campaigns monitor the consumer’s reaction to products and services.

Filling the gap in the active wear marketplace, Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson provide plenty of stylish, high-quality luxury brands while maintaining accessible price points. Fabletics continue to create cute, functional clothing that caters to active women who love living passionately every day. There’s a little something for active women of all sizes.

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    Women are always fond of what they put on their bodies and I think that Don Ressler and his team has really explored that option already. In the look of things best site for essays their brand is one that many has to compete with because they offer such top service delivery for their customers that endears them to their customers in ways. Another thing is the price system, I think that they have been able to bridge that gap between prices and it is going well for them so far.

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