Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Is One Of Brazil’s Most Influential Citizens

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the president and CEO of the RBS Media Group in the South of Brazil, knows how to motivate people. Melzer ( became the CEO of the family-owned conglomerate when his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky stepped down. The media industry in the largest country in Latin America has an abundance of colorful characters, and Duda Melzer is one of them. But Melzer is also an educated businessman who understands marketing, franchising, and how to tell a story. Melzer’s EBS Group has a lock on the South Brazilian market when it comes to reporting the news and entertaining people.

Grupo RBS, as it’s called in Brazil, is an impressive organization. Founded in 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho as a TV affiliate to Rede Globo, the company has expanded and diversified. RBS is now a competitor of Rede Globo in certain markets. According to, Duda is responsible for 18 TV stations under the RBS TV brand, and two Southern Brazil stations, OCTO OC Porto Alegre and TVCOM Florianopolis. There are 24 radio stations in the RBS family and eight newspapers. Zero Hora is the newspaper most Brazilians read, but the people in the State of Santa Catarina buy Hora de Santa Catarina and Jornal de Santa Catarina. The e.Bricks tech company and Kzuka are responsible for the company’s online presence. RBS Publicações and Mídia Gráfica, are the book publishing and printing sectors of the company, and Orbeat Music is the record company. Vialog is the logistical arm. The company also set up the Fundação Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho trust for charitable giving.

It’s safe to say, the RBS Group touches the lives of millions of Brazilians every day. Melzer is one of Brazil most influential citizens, and he takes that role seriously. The Sirotsky family is synonymous with news reporting. The company employs more journalists than any other media group in the country. Annual revenue of the RBS Group is more than a billion reals, and profit grows every year.

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  1. Liv Gunnar

    Of course, having to be in the center of all of the most remarkable happenings in Brazil shows that he has a power with men and kings. Also can have the support needed at the end of the day and it will serve many people in giving them correct referece to work. As a matter of fact the RBS Group touch so many lives in the country that it is quite on point to recognize them.

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