End Citizen United’s Political Involvement in the Recent Past and What the Future Holds for It

Formed as a movement to rid American elections of big money spending and corruption, End Citizens United doesn’t seem to relent on its efforts anytime soon. The movement has set out to raise funds to support its operations. The first quarter of this year is proving to be good for them, having raised funds in excess of $4 million. End Citizen United is targeting to mobilize funds to the tune of $35 million by 2018 in readiness of Congress midterm elections that year. This value is $10 million higher than what the movement had accumulated in the run-up to last year’s elections.


According to End Citizen executive director, Mr. Tiffany Muller, this year’s donations has seen about 40,000 new donors, taking the total number of donors to 100,000. Tiffany pointed out that those donors were Americans who are tired of seeing billionaires bribing their way during elections, and were, therefore, determined to dilute that billionaires’ effect. Their plan is to have many reformists elected to the Congress so that they can champion for change from within the house. Other main supporters of End Citizen are frustrated Democrats who can’t stomach Trump’s presidency and are committed to frustrating his agendas, cabinet nominees, and Supreme Court nominees.


Who Will And Who Will Not Be Supported By End Citizen


Tiffany Muller could not confirm the positions to which End Citizen United would actively be involved in, saying that the matter was still being deliberated on by the group’s leadership. However, Tiffany confirmed that they would drum up support for two Democratic Party senatorial aspirants: Sen. Jon Tester and Sen. Sherrod Brown from Montana and Ohio respectively. The group has also mobilized more than half a billion dollars for Democrat Jon Ossoff’s Congress bid for Georgia’s 6th congressional district. The youthful aspirant will be seeking to replace Republican Tom Price who was appointed by President Trump as a Human Services Secretary.


The Group’s History


Tiffany Muller described the decision as corruption window through which the tycoons can spend as much money as they want during an election. Since its inception, the group has been receiving donations across the United States. All donors funding the group, however, are restricted to make donations not exceeding $5,000. Last year’s End Citizen’s involvement in drumming up support for Democratic aspirants earned it a position among the top affiliate groups to the Democratic Party.


Other Political Involvements


After Betsy DeVos had been nominated as the Secretary of Education by President Donald Trump, End Citizen United joined hands with more than 20 other groups to challenge her nomination. They convinced Republican senators to abstain from voting during her vetting process. The groups succeeded somehow as the vote had tied at 50-50 and it took the vice president’s vote to break the tie for Betsy DeVos.




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