Exploring the Facts about the Freedom Checks

One of the main misconceptions after the introduction of the Freedom Checks was that they were some of the programs sponsored by the federal government. Unlike many other investment vehicles, the Freedom checks provides a tax free platform. They were introduced through a legislative process that came up with the statute 26-F. Only companies that specialize in energy can benefit from the checks. The investors get periodic payments depending on their preferences. They are required to choose a monthly or quarterly basis. The energy firms are commonly called Master Limited Partnerships. Most of the players in the energy sector engage in services such as operating refineries and transporting fuel to customers and retailers. The investors in such firms enjoy 90 cents of every dollar in the earnings of the MLPs.

The Freedom Checks are just like the ordinary dividends but most of the users call them distributions. Depending on your amount of investment, you can earn up to $160,000 at the end of each period. Reuters and the Motley Fool sighted the checks as impressive investments. The returns from the checks are at least 50% higher than the ordinary securities in the market today. The shareholders are also exempted from the federal income tax. However, if you decide to sell your shares, you will be required to pay a small amount of tax from the capital gains. Since the law was passed, the investments in the energy industry have increased significantly. The government believed that by creating incentives for the energy firms and their investors, the country would generate more energy and eventually guarantee the independence of the United States.

The Freedom Checks are not the only investments which are not required to pay taxes. The real estate investment trusts (REITs) also enjoy the same privilege. For this sector, the shareholders receive nine-tenths of the company’s income in a given period. The primary source of income for the REITs is the rent charged from the properties that they develop. One of the most impressive features about the Freedom Checks is that the investors only need to invest as little as $50. Matt Badiali is seen as the face of the product as he introduced it to the public through a video.

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