How Wild Ark is Actively Involved in Preserving Green Belt Wilderness Areas

The continued increase in the world’s population has led to a rapid decrease of the planet’s wilderness areas. Places that have seen a rise in urban sprawl often have nothing left of the planet’s natural wildlife and Eco-systems other than a neighborhood park. Unfortunately, this does not make the type of impression required to make people aware of the need to preserve the world’s wilderness areas. Fortunately, there are vacation destinations that take people into the remote regions found in various countries, so they can have a real-time experience inside a natural environment. Many of these vacation destinations are referred to as green vacations, because they also incorporate practices to help conserve wilderness areas through programs such as those that utilize recycled products.


People choosing to make an Eco-friendly place their next vacation destination, will be rewarded with the amazing views and first hand looks at the plant and animal life that abounds there. Wilderness regions are as diverse as the life that dwells there. People could take a trip to the Galapagos islands to get a glimpse of what nature looks like without the interference of humans. They could also hike through the forested regions of Brazil or traverse the dusty plains of Africa. Some wilderness areas are adjacent to bodies of water, while others are located at the bases of mountains. Each wilderness region has an Eco-system in place that has not been corrupted by the advancements of civilization.


In an effort to continue to preserve the existing wilderness regions on the planet, organizations such as Wild Ark help bring awareness to the general public. Led by founders Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, the mission of the team at Wild Ark is to purchase, protect and preserve as many of the planet’s wilderness areas as possible. The underlying objective to their mission is to provide opportunities for researchers as well as for people looking to reconnect with the planet. They can accomplish this by securing the green belt areas around the world. This process will also help preserve the natural wilderness areas for future generations to experience and enjoy. Learn more: