IDLife And Garmin: Health And Wellness Goals In Mind

IDLife is a company that believes in the health and wellness of the consumer. The company is based in Frisco Texas. the ID in IDLife stands for Individually Designed. This is the premise behind the company and the products that it sells. The idea is for a person to go through an assessment with the company so the staff can help the individual achieve his or her goals. By using the assessment along with their health history the specialists at IdLife can craft a program for the individual to attain their health and wellness. Now IdLife has gone one step further in the health and wellness arena by forming a partnership with Garmin.

The main reason that IDLife partnered with Garmin is due to the fact that there are many health devices a person can use during the day. It is a company that is like minded with IDLife in helping people live well. Garmin has created many wearable devices in order for a person to keep track of where they are on the path of a fitness goal. IDLife helps people by assisting them with a healthy lifestyle. They offer products like protein bars, shakes, and sleep strips so a person can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

The two companies have combined to create a program on the VIVO tracker. When customers use the IDLife app on the tracker a person can have the latest information on their exercise and health status and stay up to date until the person reaches his or her goal. This is what the power of IDLife and Garmin can do for the rest of us.

IDLife is a company that always has the goal of the customer in mind. With the help of Garmin and the VIVO tracker, it has just become much easier for people to set a goal and then set out to achieve it. This is why IDLife and Garmin are a fitness dream team. Both companies have the health and wellness of each individual in mind. that is all one could ask for from IDLife and Garmin.

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