Jim Tananbaum, a Committed Healthcare Investor and Entrepreneur

It is always the prayer of every person to access affordable and efficient healthcare services. Healthcare sector has come under sharp criticism because of the poor services offered mostly in public healthcare institutions where patients have opted to go to private healthcare providers. This has necessitated the establishment of organizations seeking to find a lasting solution towards the provision of safe and quality healthcare services to patients. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital. This is a healthcare private equity firm that has invested in the provision of funding to ensure healthcare service delivery is handled professionally. The company focuses on identifying developing healthcare leaders and supply them with finances, networking, and information to enable them to succeed in the investment of healthcare systems.

Jim Tananbaum has over 20 years of experience in the establishment and development of healthcare and other companies that have weathered the storm to become leading entities. Also, he has contributed to the creation of pharmaceutical companies that continue in developing drugs to help mitigate the effects of diabetes. He led to the introduction of Intarcia which is an implant used to help people suffering from diabetes. The drug estimated to help over 350 million people across the world will be launched in the US in 2017.

In a recent interview on Ideasmench, Jim Tananbaum has talked about the process people should partake to be successful healthcare investors. The idea to form the Foresite Capital started over 25 years ago when he was a health entrepreneur and strategist. He attributes his success in healthcare to understanding the model of healthcare operation and developing a long-term solution that will lead to improved service provision.

Jim Tananbaum’s typical day is spent with the team members where they discuss strategies on how to overcome problems while finding a lasting solution in healthcare investment. He also takes the time to have dinner with colleagues from the industry as a way of networking and building a robust working portfolio. Jim Tananbaum is a committed family person who puts family first and always creates time for them despite his busy schedule. Visit Medium for more info.

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