Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is a True Winner

When Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato got together to form the Fabletics athleisure brand, the venture met with much opposition. Some celebrities talked down on it because they said that type of fashion was dead. Other people had negative words to say about inventory quality and shortages when the company first started. Kate Hudson stuck it out and ended up having a real success on her hands. Fablectics is now a $250 million company, and it continues to earn more each year. The company jumped over all the hurdles that were against it and is now a true powerhouse.



About the Athleisure Brand

Athleisure is a fairly new concept of clothing that blends a variety of styles. The most prevalent style within these hybrid clothing items is the athletic aspect. Athleisure takes the typical ladies “workout gear” and adds dimensions of color and personality to it. Women can then wear these versatile sets to places like the fitness center, their jobs, their homes or to casual functions. Before Fabletics came along, women did not have many options for athleisure items other than dull and overly expensive options. Hudson saw the Fabletics venture as the perfect opportunity for fashion innovation.



Why Fabletics Works

The reason that Fabletics is so profitable is that it uses multiple strategies at once. One strategy it uses is the memberships. People who want to buy clothing from Fabletics have to sign up for memberships that give them access to personalized service and discounts. They also use a different approach to sales. The style that they use makes it possible for them to profit whether the customer shops for the clothing in the store or online. Furthermore, the company is data-driven, so it uses the personalized information to make manufacturing, marketing and sales decisions.



About Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is as a well-established actress who is most widely known for her role in the movie “Almost Famous.” She has been in other films such as “Gossip,” “Fool’s Gold,” and “Good People.”


Hudson had no background in business when she took on her athleisure ventures, but she didn’t let that stop her. She went full force and still managed to make a success out of it. When asked if she wanted to be remembered as an actress or entrepreneur, however, she said she was always want to be remembered as an actress.