Lime Crime’s Great Looks


It’s not easy being an innovator in this world. Being truly unique can sometimes be a burden, but when that new idea starts to catch on, the rewards can be great.

Though it might not seem that there are any new ways to go in the world of cosmetics, the truth is that innovation is ongoing, and some of the best ideas are coming from startup companies that start online. That’s the case with Lime Crime Cosmetics, which is a company that launched back in 2007-2008, when an entrepreneur named Doe Deere started putting her bold makeup looks online via her own website.


Going Bold


Deere knows a lot about how to use the Internet to spread the word about her products, and the success of her brand comes from this and from the beautiful colors and high quality of her makeup line.  The shadows, liners and lipsticks offered by this company can be used artfully to create a heightened sense of beauty that’s very old Hollywood in its appeal, with a punk vibe added in.


Great Lipsticks


The lipsticks from Lime Crime (in the Unicorn line and the liquid to matte Velvetines) use bold colors to make a real beauty statement.


Take a look at the brand’s website and Instagram page to see the knockout looks users create with this makeup. Lime Crime is amazing, and this brand is definitely here to stay. Be sure to check out what Lime Crime has planned next, by following their Pinterest board, but also checking out when new items come out in their storefront.

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  1. Katherine Jaxson

    The colors cover the spectrum, and they go on beautifully and stay on for the long term. All of this at prices that really are affordable. Women who love having a bold and fanciful approach to beauty are very attracted to this brand. That is to say that has really decided on which to follow and that means they will have a lot of cover on them.

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