Lori Senecal is Rewriting The Rules of Advertisement

The old ways of marketing are dead. Gone are the days of building a brand off of a cool celebrity and a catchy slogan. Now people want to see and speak with real people. They want real emotions, equality, and humor. Digital and mobile are the new frontier for advertising. Facebook and Google are keys. According to GC Report, these are the two largest platforms for mobile and they are the best way to get your message in-front of people. Getting your ad to people is just the first step. What pushes ads over the top are the visual presentation and the fact that people can relate to it. Consumers want an ad that evokes an emotional response that connects to real problems that real people have. This makes them more likely to like and share the ad with their friends and followers. The final step to an effective marking campaign is to stop blatant marketing and aggravations. Make people feel like you’re sharing with them, not shoving a product down their throat.

The master of this new frontier of advertising is Lori Senecal. Lori is the current CEO for Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She joined CP&B in 2015 and now oversees it’s 10 global offices as a part of her focus on global domination. Lori’s campaigns are as relatable as they are creative. Her new barrier breaking approach to marketing has helped companies like Kraft Mac & Cheese, Letgo, and NBA 2K. Before joining CP&B, she was chairman and CEO of KBS. Growing the firm from 250 employees to more than 900. Before that she worked her way to president of McCann Erickson New York City after graduating from Mc Gill University. Lori’s tremendous career has earned her several awards. She won a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation at the Game Changer Awards. In 2014 Senecal was named one of the ‘Women to Watch’ in the ad industry by Ad Age. Check out full profile on crunchbase.com.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjY-yKuLlcw   


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