Meet the Humble Billionaire: Wes Edens

Fortress Investment Group is a global financial company that manages assets approximately amounting to $43 billion. What was established as a small firm is now a global company that is managing the most complex financial assets for individuals and companies. Such management of Fortress includes Liquid equity, private equity, and bonds. Wes Eden is among the founding partners who started this incredible company in 1998. Since the development of Fortress, we and hi9s partners have managed to develop mega capital projects in many countries across the world. In 2017 January, an announcement was made that Wes is now the end of various investments in the Jamaican Liquefied Natural Gas.

A Glimpse on the Career of Wes Edens

After he graduated with a degree in Finance from the Oregon State University, Wes Edens worked at the California bank. His prominent career later landed him to a greater position at the Lehman Brothers as the Managing Director as well as the Operations partner. He worked with the Lehman Brothers for six years and then left to work with the Blackrock Financial Management. This is the time he decided to establish a private fund. His success in his new venture groomed him well enough to work at the Fortress. In Fortress, Wes Edens managed to climb through several positions before he came to the top of the company. Later in 2006, Fortress Investment Group was declared a publicly traded firm in the New York Stock Exchange. That did not make him a billionaire until 2017 February. He now holds the 962nd position on the Forbs top Billionaires across the world. He was reported to have a net worth of $ 1.6 billion. However, Wes is considered a self-made billionaire who has established steady gains in the investment markets.

The Grand Entry into Football Business

In may 15 2018, Wes Edens entered into the world of soccer after he purchased Aston Villa Football Club, a team that is already eyeing the Premier League. Wes Edens along with Sawiris are the owners and controllers of NSWE, a company that injected a substantial undisclosed amount to Aston Villa FC. The team has been competing in the English Football League Championship, a league that is slightly second to the English Premier League. Upon the purchase, the owner of Aston Villa, Tony Xia will be considered a co-chairman as well as remain on the board. This is in accordance with a report that was released from the team a few days before the acquisition of the team.