More Than a Business Man, George Soros

Making a name for yourself in this ever expanding world is a very hard thing to do. George Soros is a name that almost anyone in the financial world knows. He has built a career worth billions and has donated billions of dollars to different organizations as well. With a career such as his its truly incredible that he is as involved in other areas as much as he is. George Soros is inspiring and an example of what hard work can achieve.

Born in Hungary George Soros left to attain an education from the London School of Economics. To pay for school he worked multiple jobs. His first job in the financial field was at a merchant bank. In the late 1960’s he went on to found a hedge fund that is now referred to as Quantum Fund. To this day George Soros is a contender in the financial world. He invests through Soros Fund Management and has built his career up to reach a status of billionaire. Read more about George at Washington Times.

With all that money, George Soros knew that he could use it to create real change in the world. As a supporter of the Democratic Party, George Soros has donated millions of dollars to help the efforts of that political party. He has a huge supporter of Hilary Clinton in the last election, and Obama before that. He has given to organizations that support the protection of voter rights as well as those who protect the reproductive rights of women. His donations has helped to future the political quest of many different people.

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His donations do not stop at politics. He has donated $13 billion dollars to various charities over the year. He is specifically very invested in human rights, education and health care. His involvement with this organizations is something that cannot be overlooked. He has given so much money to these causes in the hopes that change in the world can be made and people can receive the quality of life that they deserve. His philanthropic work is something that is truly inspiring and speaks to the type of person that George Soros is. It shows that he is so much more than just a very successful business man.

From the time he left his birth country, George Soros was dedicated to making his dreams a reality. After accomplishing that after years of working multiple jobs and years of work in the industry, he went far beyond his expectations. He has given so much of his earnings to other people, hoping that it can be used to impact the world. George Soros is much more than just a typical business man. He is a political supporter and a supporter of things far bigger than him. Learn more about his profile at

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