Once Again, Securus Technologies Headlines

Knowing that there is a company like Securus Technologies is something that everyone should be grateful for. They are constantly creating ways to keep people safer. In order to the people to understand the company better, they have been invited to a tour of their Dallas, TX location. They will receive a presentation to learn about all of the latest technology that the company is working on, and they will be able to inquire about how it will be used to. It will be beneficial for the public to see.


Securus Technologies was just involved in another successful creation for the public safety field. It is the Wireless Containment Solution. With this technology, crimes can be stopped before the plans can be made for them. This technology was needed because inmates were accessing the wireless networks with cell phones in an attempt to contact people in the outside world whom would commit crimes for them. The technology is working tremendously, and stopping this practice, and the company is very glad that their creation has worked out so positively.


The other companies that attempted to create the technology were not able to do so. They didn’t have the proper means to do so. For this reason, the company is exceptional in what it can do for the safety field. They are going to do even more in the future, and that is why are leading the industry.


Securus Technologies has been the leader for several years in the public safety field. They are top of the game when it comes producing fabulous work in the civil and criminal sectors of justice. They are constantly being contracted by the government to help in their facilities. Because of this, they deal with at least 1,200,000 prisoners using techniques like investigating, monitoring and investigating. On a weekly basis, they are striving to create even more technology that will keep people even safer across the country. The nation and the world looks to them as the expert in the field, and the company is dedicated to making the world a better place to live.



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