Paul Herdsman: How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur


There are mountains of volumes of books that can teach you how to run a successful business. The internet is littered with an uncountable amount of entrepreneurial informative videos and articles. It is important to know what information comes from a reliable source. It would be a good idea to know that the source that you are getting information from is one that has the experience and results that you are hoping to achieve.


Paul Herdsman is one of the few entrepreneurs that has experienced success at the level that many can only dream of achieving. He is the CEO and co-founder of NICE Global, a company that provides business solutions. Paul has also shared valuable information with anyone willing to listen. The advice is for those who are willing to pursue their own entrepreneurial goals.


One of the first tips that Paul has to offer is the maintaining of a positive attitude. People who are able to make a habit of thinking positively have been shown to be more efficient at whatever they are doing. Paul believes positive thinking can also inspire people to be more grateful. The gratitude itself helps to release any negative energy within our bodies. A common practice for some of the most successful people in the world is creating a list of a minimum of 5 things that they are grateful for.


The next piece of advice is to take risks. Paul Herdsman emphasized taking risks and use it as leverage to succeed. A person may not ever know the extent of their full potential if they do not take risks. When we take risks, we are prone to making a mistake, of failing at something. We have to be ok with the idea of failure so that we can learn from it. The world of entrepreneurship is full of risks. Go Here to learn more.



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