Paul Mampilly: Tagging You Along to Financial Liberation

In the corporate world, it takes an individual’s selflessness to mind the welfare of other people. With regards to this, Paul Mampilly has built a fortune for himself. Having served as a manager, an analyst, and having spent time managing finances, he was aware of the dynamics in the world of finance that were a demerit to the average investor. Thus, Paul set out to offer a lifeline to individuals seeking entrepreneurial prosperity.

A flash at Paul’s background and career

Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University in 1991 with an M.B.A. he immediately ventured into the financial industry, serving as Bankers Trust’s assistant portfolio manager. Soon after, with a spur in his ken and prowess, Paul was able to handle more challenges at ING and Deutsche Bank respectively. Proving smarter than his equals, he was hired by Kinetics Asset Management as its hedge funds manager. Consequently, following an asset increase to $25 billion under his management, the fund was listed among the World’s Best funds.

At Wall Street, he discovered that life was not as fulfilling because he was helping the super-rich amass more wealth than before. As such, Mampilly abandoned his job to map his entrepreneurial destiny. Moreover, he yearned to have more quality family time. Currently, Paul remains an integral player in the finance world as a research and investment analyst.

Elsewhere, Paul Mampilly is a senior editor of Extreme Fortunes, Profits Unlimited and True Momentum at the Banyan Hill Publishing and Investment Research. Additionally, he is a weekly columnist for Winning Investor Daily. What’s more, Paul is a familiar face on TV frequently featuring on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

From the horse’s mouth

In an exclusive interview with Eric Dye for the Enterprise Radio, Paul Mampilly aptly confessed that he found pleasure in helping the ordinary person to create wealth. To outwit his peers, he revealed that he spends 12 to 14 hours a day to read books and journals. Also, he uncovered the dynamics in the stock market over time, the recent IPOs to give a try, alongside the most significant shortcomings people make when investing in stocks.

In one way or another, one’s success hinges on those who shape your preferred ways to life. Likewise, Paul Mampilly is no exception. Towards the tail end of the interview, he disclosed entrepreneurial idol; Elon Musk, for his daring nature to start the kind of companies he did. Consequently, this is why Paul remains unmatched.