Paul Wesley.

Paul Wesley background.
Paul Wesley was born in Marlboro, New Jersey. He spent most of his childhood life in Poland. He currently resides in Los Angeles in the New York City and Atlanta.
Paul Wesley’s educational background.

paul wesley
Paul Wesley actively participated in theatre studies during his school life in New York City. He attended Marlboro high school, Christian Brother’s academy, and Lakewood prep. During his school life, he got expelled for engaging in a fight. In 1952, he landed the role of Max in Guiding Light. Paul Wesley transferred to different schools due to his acting schedule. In the year 2000, he quit from Rutgers University for the many offers he received to play certain roles in movies.
Paul Wesley in vampire diaries.
In 2009, Paul Wesley cast in the Vampire Diaries. He played the role of Stefan, the good brother and the part of Damon, the evil vampire brother. Paul Wesley acts as a bloodsucker in vampire diaries.

paul wesley
Paul Wesley in Cal in Camo.
Paul Wesley in Cal in Camo tried to battle with a horrific character, Flynt. He tried getting over his dead wife by getting closer to his sister Cal and her husband Tim who had their miseries. Paul Wesley is preferably a real revelation than just commendable. He decided that Flynt would reveal his character through silence than giving him the tics and mannerism in reflecting his inner turmoil.
Paul Wesley in “Before I Disappear project.”

paul wesley
Paul Wesley in “Before I Disappear” acted in the supporting role of Gideon. He was expected to show an actor’s flexibility in playing different characters in the film.
Paul Wesley in Amira and Sam.

paul wesley
Paul Wesley played the role of Charlie in Amira and Sam where he courts his cousin to be a fancy hedge funder and make the dough. In the clip, he tries to give the cousin the hard sell on why he should join one percent.