Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad just retired from his medical career as a pediatric surgeon. He has been in the industry for the past 47 years. His career time was filled with sacrifice, innovations as well as service. Dr. Saad was born in the late 1940s in Palestine. During this time, Palestine was undergoing dramatic and rapid changes. When Israel was being formed, many Palestinians were forced to relocate. At a young age, Saad Saad moved to West Bank with his family. Later the family moved to Kuwait where Saad spent much of his childhood. His father always reminded him that he did not have a country as well a passport and for him to make it in life and get respected, he had to pursue higher education. This statement stuck with him for the rest of his life.

While still in high school, Dr.Saad Saad and his brother went to a construction site in Kuwait. On this day the sun was so hot like any other summer day in Kuwait. The heat was reflecting on Saad which made him feel ill and eventually fainted out of the same. That evening after gaining consciousness, Dr. Saad realized that he was not meant for the outdoor labor. In his thoughts, he came to understand that there was only one place that was always cool with air conditioning in entire Kuwait. That place was in an operating room, and his journey into pediatric surgery began then. Due to this, Dr. Saad Saad advice is that one can be whatever they want to be as long as they set their mind on it and accept nothing but success. He never changed his goal since that time. With guidance from his dad to pursue a career that would require years of education and the passion of working in a relaxed environment, Dr. Saad set his mind.

According to Dr.Saad, never wait for tomorrow for something you can do today. This rule has made him successful because of being efficient with his time. He made sure to make the most out of his day because he knew that work ethic was one key to good performance. Learn more :