Revolution Of Trabuco War Machine

This is the machine which was being used in the middle ages especially the wartime. It could destroy the walls that were made by masonry and also firing the projectiles to their targeted has a mechanism that is similar to catapult.

The first record that is clear about the counterbalance blunder is from the Islamic scholar called Mardi Al-Tarsusi. He wrote that Trabuco is machines that were being invented by the unbelieving demons. It shows that by Saladin time, the Muslims were familiar with the counterweight, but they believe is that they are not the ones who invented it.

According to Al-Tarsusi, he didn’t specify that those unbelieving demons were Christian Europeans. Saladin participated actively against the Crusaders during much of his career. The manuscript actually predated the Chinese or the Mongolian weapons.


Trabuco as they were being talked about, were throwers of the destructive balls. It took them even more than 12 days to prepare depending on their structure size. The counterweight blunderbusses were not in the Chinese history records until when Mongols had attacked Xiangyang and Fancheng in 1268 according to Qiang Shen, who was the Chinese commander during the Jurchen Jin dynasty from 1115 to 1234 may behave independently invented the counterweight blunderboard. Even though Mongol army had already defeated it, defenders, long ago, they could not be able to capture the Chinese cities.

There were two Persians who were brought so that they could build the counterweight blunderbusses which was later used to reduce the city into rubble and they were forced to leave. The Chinese people called it “Huihui” which described Muslims according to The machine had a difference in height and weight where they were ranging from one hundred to two hundred feet where the heaviest was 250 pounds. Trabuco of traction was later seen in Byzantine Empire.

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