Rocketship Education Halted In D.C.

A Rocketship Education is something that kids in low economic communities require to stay competitive and eventually graduate. However, the California based charter school had to pull the plug on their plans to bring a Rocketship education to Washington D.C. directed at kids in low economic communities. The reason for the change in plans is due to the much lower than expected enrollment and the high cost to operate in the area. Still, a spokesperson for Rocketship states that opening a school would have cost too much and ultimately hurt our students. Our students always come first.

A Rocketship Education

This small setback does not take away from all the wonderful and impressive things that the charter school has accomplished in numerous communities across the country. Rocketship first opened its doors back in 2007. Since that time, they’ve accomplished a great deal. The schools educational system dramatically raised the test scores of students that were primarily from low economic communities with a unique mixed approach to learning that included online and computer assisted learning. It should also be noted that the D.C. Public Charter School voted to allow the Rocketship schools in their community as long as their academic thresholds were met. A spokesperson for the school states that Rocketship still plans to open a school in Northeast Washington’s Ward 5 during 2019.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship schools believe in helping the students that attend their schools to reach their full potential. Often, this is difficult for students that are part of a minority group or living in a low economic community. Their growing network of non-profit charter schools are dedicated to helping each and every student reach their true potential. Rocketship schools supply their students with educators that have the same belief. Rocketship believes that a child’s true learning potential excels, if the teacher, school, and parents are both dedicated to improving the learning experience.