Securus Technologies Gave Medical Attention To My Son

I usually don’t have anything nice to say about the prison and its programs for prisoners. But in all fairness, I need to write this letter. Securus Technologies has a system in the prisons that monitors the call for inmates. While some of us has complained abut this program,it actually wound up helping my son in a great way. He was talking to one of his buddies and made a joke about how he had fallen during a job he was performing at the prison. He thought is was nothing and was just a little sore from the fall. Then a few days later, when he was talking to the same person, he mentioned that he was still sore where he had fallen. Well, Securus Technologies, later upon hearing the recordings, realized that my son should probably be checked out.It was arranged for a medical doctor to talk to him and decide if he need to have any test done. Once the doctor talked to him, he was still in pain and very tender where he fell. It was determined that my son should get an X-ray. Once he agreed to the X-ray, it showed that he had a fracture in his bone. He was given medication and put on bed rest for a few days. Had it not been for Securus Technologies, my son would have continued in that injury and really harmed himself.I am so grateful that Securus Technologies was already in place to monitor the calls of the inmates. What I was complaining about because of privacy issues did a reversal on me. Now I sing the praises of Securus Technologies. Sometimes in life, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. And in my case, Securus Technologies made a bitter situation mighty sweet for me. Thank you Securus Technologies.


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  1. Marianna Blaze

    Though it is a good thing for someone to have such a testimony however I am thinking if they actually allow work in prison. What has happened is papercoach prices will see even crossing things and the people will see to things happening to them. Someone will have to make sure the equality will be better served to everyone.

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