Shafik Sachedina And Neurological Challenges

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the Jamati Institutions’ department head right now. He has a lot of duties through this role as well. He puts together programs and activities that involve the people of the Ismaili community. He focuses on the programs and activities of Ismaili individuals located in 16 distinctive parts. This doctor communicates with development network program representatives for Aga Khan. He reaches out to representatives who are based in Central Asia.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina comes from Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam. That’s the city of his birth, too. His life there started in the early fifties. Studying has always been something that’s a driving force in Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s existence. He earned dental surgeon qualifications in the United Kingdom in the seventies. He did a lot of extensive studying at the University of London’s esteemed Guy’s Hospital Medical School. This school also made dental training one of its big focal points. He’s worked in dental surgery in the United Kingdom for an extremely long time. Although Dr. Sachedina adores dental surgery and all that it entails, it’s definitely not the only subject that captivates him in this world. He cares in significant detail about healthcare entrepreneurship matters. He does a lot of volunteer work for Jamati Institutions and for Aga Khan. Voluntary work is a big deal for the people who make up those communities. It’s always been a big deal for them, too.

This doctor helped create an independent business that’s called Sussex Health Care back in the middle of the eighties. Sussex Health Care is loyal to its name in that it mostly works in Sussex, England. The objective at Sussex Health Care is and has always been to assist older individuals. It’s to assist people who have learning and neurological concerns as well. People who can benefit from physiotherapy, occupational therapy and reflexology often turn to Sussex Health Care and its plentiful options. It’s given more than 300,000 people access to world-class treatment. It has set up a West Sussex daycare service operation. This operation is located in Broadbridge Heath. It specializes in outreach and residential placements for adults who have issues that involve neurological matters. There are also preparations going on for yet another treatment facility. This facility is going to accommodate people who have autism. It’s going to tend to young people who deal with the realities of significant and lasting learning troubles, too.

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