Shervin Pishevar Expects the Market to Experience a 6000 Point Drop

Shervin Pishevar stands out as one of the most respected entrepreneurs in America. Safe to say, he is living the American dream, considering that he was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to America later in his life. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of a couple of organizations, including Virgin Hyperloop One and Investment company, which is a venture capital fund that has invested in Uber, Airbnb, and Munchery. Albeit, Shervin Pishevar recently resigned from Investment company. He is an angel investor who has made significant achievements in his career.

After going silent for a while on Twitter, he came back with a load of tweets on February 2018 stating that “I expect 6000 points drop in aggregate in months ahead.” Shervin Pishevar has backed up his claim with a couple of reasons. He goes ahead to say that “The market has already given up all the gains of 2018 and will continue to give up all the gains from 2017.” This serves as a clear indication of the direction that the American market has taken in recent times.

According to Shervin Pishevar, another factor that will contribute to the point drop in the American market is the rising interest rates that are being experienced in the market. That is not all. The tax giveaways and increasing credit account deficits that lack matching service cuts will also result in a drop. The co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One also notes that investors are desperately moving hurriedly in pursuit of safety – something that is no longer present in the market because every asset class seems to be overhauled.

This comes as a wakeup call to urge American investors to widen their scope and venture into other markets as well. There are equal investment opportunities in other countries, which will see investors widen their market reach. He also adds that the bond market is not really a safety net as most people tend to think. Here’s why. When bonds move quickly in different directions, its effects gradually spread across the financial markets.