Stream Energy: Making Corporate Philanthropy Daily Business

Over the years corporate philanthropy has gotten a bad rap, as charitable business arms turn out to be nothing but smoking mirrors shielding revenue from taxation. But for one Dallas based business there is nothing phony about their love of lending a helping hand.

Stream Energy has been providing direct clean energy sales to the Dallas area for years, but recently the company was featured on The Dallas Patch for their community outreach endeavors and non-stop commitment to improving the lives of their customers as well as those less fortunate in the area. Stream Cares, which serves as the charitable arm of the business, is not satisfied with simply cutting the occasional check for a charitable work, but rather rallies its employees on a regular basis to put their own time and selves into charitable work.

During Hurricane Harvey the Stream Energy team kicked it into high gear providing not only funding, but also man hours to help relieve the immediate needs of their fellow Texans. The company not only reaches out during time of emergency, though. One cause, which has progressively become a company passion, is homelessness. Not satisfied to just speak out against homelessness, Stream employees regularly track homelessness rates in their area, and actively participate in bringing aid and relief to those on the streets. Most significantly, Stream reaches out to the children of homeless families, offering them clothing, school supplies, supplemental food and even life changing experience gifts.

Through the Hope Supply Co, Stream Energy participates in the annual Splash for Hope event in which numbers of homeless children are given the chance to visit a water park, often for the first time ever. This little reprieve from their daily struggles helps children renew their hope for a better life and reaffirms the truth that there are people out there who care.

Another experience gift included the American Girl Doll Experience, in which daughters of active military were invited to visit the American Girl Doll store, choose a doll and have lunch in the café. It is human to human outreach like this, that makes Stream Energy stand out as a corporate philanthropy model.