Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Health Care is a health care center where seniors and people with mental disabilities can live comfortably and safely. It is a 25-year-old establishment that has a team of health professionals that help their residents live a high-quality life every step of the way. Aside from offering care to seniors and the mentally disabled, this company also offers care to people who have a learning disability. Another great feature of Sussex Health Care is it cares for people with chronic illnesses, and it takes care of people who have a terminal illness.

At Sussex Health Care, seniors can enjoy craft classes, cooking classes, therapeutic art, physiotherapy, reflexology, and more. These activities are also offered to people with dementia, and reflexology as well as aromatherapy is available for people with neurological problems. People with memory loss can participate in reminiscence sessions on For those who have trouble learning, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy is offered. The staff at Sussex Health Care also makes it possible for people with a learning disability to go to college according to For individuals who have trouble communicating, a number of different communication devices are offered, and speech therapists are available. Support in all basic daily activities is given to people who have a learning disability, including help with grocery shopping, lawn care, and work.

Anyone who uses Sussex Health Care is treated with dignity and respect. Nurses are available for these people 24/7 in most of the homes, and professional cooks are available to make healthy and delicious meals according to The rooms at this extraordinary healthcare center are beautifully designed, and the care rendered there is based on the needs of each individual. Spa pools are also available for use.

To help the staff at Sussex Health Care advance their knowledge and improve their skills, Sussex Health Care continually offers educational opportunities. Everyone who uses this support center gets personalized treatment. This company is an independent one, and when it was first established, it had just one home to offer. Now, the total number of homes it runs is 20, and the number of beds available exceed 580.

If you would like more information about Sussex Health Care, reach them at 01403 217 338, or contact them via email from their website. You can also stop by their main office. Their main office is located at the Tylden House on Dorking Road, Warnham, Nr Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3RZ.

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