Ted Bauman’s Unique Ways On Protecting Your Assets

Ted Bauman is a financial expert that specializes in helping people from all income ranges to protect their assets from a number of institutions and outside sources that don’t have their best interest at heart. He has traveled all over the world and seen how different countries operate on the financial front. With this being said he writes about his travels and how to protect your assets in his newsletters.

After working the first part of his career for non-profit organizations Ted Bauman decided to follow in his father’s footsteps as a financial writer and joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He started off by founding The Bauman Letter, then created two more newsletters called Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted Bauman is all about helping people protect their assets and this includes protecting them from not only government oversight, corporate greed, but also natural disasters. This can include flooding, fires, earthquakes, and even if your house is robbed.

If you are dead set on not putting your liquid assets into any kind of financial institution then Mr. Bauman recommends a fire and water proof lockbox or home safe. Ted does not recommend storing your assets at home and in one place because it is very risky, but if you do put them in something that has a lock or code so you have a better chance from anything happening to it including natural disasters or burglars.

You can put your assets in a safe-deposit box at your bank or at a foreign bank. Storing them at your bank in a safe-deposit box is surely a lot better than at your home Ted Bauman says. If you go with a foreign bank then you have extra rights and your assets cannot be confiscated by the government or foreign court orders. Ted Bauman says you can also put your precious assets in a vault, whether in the country or in a foreign country. They tend to be a good solution because they are not connected to any financial institutions, hence they have more security attached to them keeping your assets even safer.

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