The Brown Agency Combines the Best of Both Worlds



When the Wilhelmina Austin acquired a smaller modeling agency, there were some people who were curious about what was going to happen with both of the agencies. Nothing happened to either one of the agencies and they were able to do the best possible thing in that situation. By combining their experience and their values together, they formed the Brown Agency. The agency is different from other modeling agencies in the way it acts toward the models. It is also different in the way they work to build their models up instead of trying to put them down with the issues other agencies have. The Brown Agency has made sure they are doing the right thing and they have been focusing on all their success since they first came together as one agency. The Brown Agency has consistently tried to make things better for their models which has been a huge influencer in the growth they’ve seen.


Perhaps one of the best things the agency did was make sure they were helping their models. They wanted to see all of their models be successful so they didn’t want to put them against each other for auditions, reveals Market Wired. When models went to these auditions, the Brown Agency always made sure they were not going to see another Brown Agency model there. Doing this heled them to feel better about the way the modeling agency worked and also gave them the encouragement they needed to continue working in the modeling field.


Models who work with the Brown Agency know they are getting great treatment. They are consistently working together and doing what they can to be sure they can have a positive experience. Since the Brown Agency first started, many models have switched to them because they know what they are going to do for them. The models like the Brown Agency because they are treated with respect and they are treated in a way that no other agency treats their models. The Brown Agency knows what they are supposed to do so they are able to help all their models have the best experiences possible.


For The Brown Agency to do all of this, they had to make sure they were the best in the industry and in the area they’re at. They have made a lot of contacts with fashion designers, prints and other things that require models. By doing this, The Brown Agency has set themselves up for success in a world that can sometimes be difficult to be successful in. Their success has allowed them the freedom to make sure they are helping out their models in any way possible so they, too, will have a chance to be successful within the industry.