The Success Story of Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger is one of the biggest names in Germany’s media industry. He works as a managing partner at AXIOM, where he oversees the management of the M&A and advisory branch, consultancy group and Corporate Finance. Additionally, he is known to have initiated AXIOM Picture, which is an film equity fund that seeks to help media companies, outside of Europe, to grow globally.


When Jaeger co-founded AXIOM, they had noticed a very large gap in the equity fund industry. The founding partners knew that there were companies that were in the media business for the long haul. And, to such companies, building strong customer relationships was very important. And, in order to do so, they would require corporate funding instead of funding for a particular project. So, that is how they decided to found AXIOM.


Prior to founding AXIOM, Jaeger had founded many companies in different industries. He founded his first company while he was still in Maastricht University. His Business Associates Europe was a consultancy. To deliver the best services, he would bring together the best consultants and talented university students who would conduct an in-depth research. The collaboration would then come up the best portfolio for some of the leading companies in the country.


Following his graduation, Jaeger decided to pursue the sports industry. In collaboration with a leading poker player, Jaeger founded StrategosPoker. StrategosPoker was an online teaching platform that would train poker players on the best strategies to play in competitive level and generate money out of it.


From the e-gaming business, Jaeger dived into the personality empowerment business. He was employed as a managing director at Entrepreneur Academy. His passion for personality empowerment, drove him into helping so many entrepreneurs throughout Europe and the Middle East into building their personalities for success.


Five years after graduating college, Jaeger was invited to work in the entertainment industry. He was involved in the shooting of a documentary and conference, which was to show how the upcoming leaders would reshape the food industry and the various technologies utilized to improve efficiency in the food in industry. The project, Thought for Food was to be shot in different countries including Kenya, the USA, Netherlands, India and Switzerland.


From all his businesses, Jaeger has become very wealthy. He is very passionate about helping other people. And, having worked with the German Armed Forces, he developed an initiative that would help raise funds to support the families of these troops.


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