UKV PLC; French Tribune Recap

UKV PLC is an independent fine wine consulting company that offers a broad range of information on the best wine to buy. They assist in the acquisition, supply, and sale of bonded fine wine and champagne on behalf of their clients.

UKV PLC work with a network of merchants and brokers to seek the highly demanded champagne. The company is independent. It is not connected to a limited supply chain. UKV PLC consultants have an in-depth understanding of the French wine appellation system, wine pairings, and the appropriate time to make a purchase. Most wine industries use the grapes variety labeling system. Wine labeling is based on the region of the origin in France. The Government regulated classification controls the name of the place.

French wines are mostly associated with climate, soil, altitude, topography, and local traditions. They give the wine a distinctive characteristic. Labeling of wine in French depends on the following regions;

Bordeaux region is a region that is located on the Atlantic coast it mostly transports wines to foreign countries. Most vineyards in this region produce a blend of grapes that result to the medium body reds. Champagne is wine from North Eastern France region. The other champagnes from the regions are called Cremants. The difference comes from production method. The real Champagne is fermented double because it is produced in the high altitude region with very cold climate. Burgundy is wine produced in the Eastern region. It produces either red or white wine. Loire region is a diverse region with unique appellations that produce every kind of wine.

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